About us

Founded in 1996, BanglaTown Cash and Carry, is one of the largest Cash and Carry in the UK, Situated at Heart of East End, Hanbury Street, London. Banglatown Cash & Carry opens its doors to the General Public and Traders with a modern look and friendly atmosphere at unbeatable price.


BanglaTown Cash and Carry has built expeditious relationship in serving the local community and wide varieties customers from UK and Europe with the fresh & finest quality seasonal produce, flown daily from around the world.

At the store you will find a wide range of quality Halal Meat, which includes Lamb, Mutton, Deer, Beef and Poultry all of which is fresh and prepared to your requirement.

We also stock top grade frozen fillet of Breast Chicken (Halal) from around the world at low price.

As we are the largest Bangladeshi Cash and Carry in London we stock a wide range of fish from throughout the world. Also with out any doubt our Bangladeshi Fish’s and Prawns stock are at large.

Our range of Fresh Fruits, Herbs, Vegetables are extensive. We provide a wide selection of fresh exotic Fruits and Vegetables from worldwide throughout the year at a price that is right.

Banglatown Cash and Carry is also the first Asian retailer and wholesaler to use ePOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) technology, so that our customers get the best services. The system is part of fast and efficient customer service.

With the ePOS system we keep track of sales day-to-day and set the Selling Price at rock bottom price. Also we do special price, discount price and multi-buy offers through out the year.

And now we are also the first Asian store to offer Loyalty Scheme Program to reward our valuable customers with points.

The state of the Art-System is used to stay one step ahead of our competitors!